So You've Bought Amazon ... Now What?

For several decades now, we have been asking the question,"Who Owns Amazon?" Well, it appears that the answer to this question may be arriving sooner than we think.

As you can imaginethis article has been quite popular with many people and there was a lot of discussion online regarding the exact details of this new approach that Jeff Bezos will be implementing in Amazon. Some of the discussing the subject included Michael Morrison and John Helmers, the authors of this book called The New Tiger.

Both of these men are very familiar with the retail business, and they are also quite familiar with Amazon, and how they are always in some kind of battle with the authorities.

Firsthe amazon would like to bring his services to the e-commerce marketplace and if you ask him about his business plan, he said that so as to compete in this new business, he will need a much better business model that will involve AMAZON having high-speed delivery. He said high speed transport many times a conference.

To make sure that the delivery options are better, he's already talking about having more goods on the internet. He also stated that Amazon will have the ability to serve customers quicker.

After we consider the way things operate in the US, it seems that these two commercial businesses are not even on the exact same page. That is because the national government controls the world wide web, and Jeff Bezos will be competing against corporations and governments.


Just like most things, these businesses already know who their competitors are, and people are also other e-commerce businesses in competition with each other to the business. Amazon is already making quite a name for itself, and after this new company strategy is put into effect, it will shortly be on top.

When we think about modern technology, many of these companies are now currently using software that can track all the customer purchases. This program is utilized by many of the major e-commerce companies.

As we mentioned previously, the government isn't going to permit this type of company to exist in the united states, and the company model is completely dependent on the government. Of course, if the government will obstruct the delivery options and deliver faster, this will be an advantage for the Amazon.

If it comes to e-commerce, it appears that the only way the authorities will make it possible for this type of business to survive is if it will be completely determined by the government. While this occurs, this is the type of company that's going to be more effective than any other.

It seems that many companies are also using the e-commerce platform, but we know that it is an inferior system that will never get off the ground if used in the right way. Obviously, they're trying to find ways to make it feasible to operate in the US, but they also know that the result will not be good.

Due to the e-commerce issues, Amazon has been made to go international. It is interesting to observe how everything is working out, because this approach has already worked wonders for the company.